Elyssa Tarbell


Elyssa is a fall ‘17 from San Diego, California. She is a third year psychology major and is honored to take on the presidency this year. Elyssa fell in love with DG on philanthropy day of recruitment. She loved how passionate and involved the women of the chapter were with Service for Sight and she left feeling inspired. She found her home in Delta Gamma and still feels that inspiration today. Elyssa has served as director of service hours and now continues her leadership as our chapter president. As president, her goal is to ensure that all chapter operations flow smoothly and every woman in our chapter is educated on Delta Gamma’s history. She is so proud of how far our chapter has grown in the last 2 years and cannot wait to see us continue to “Do Good.”

Cassidy Marshman

vice president of social standards

Cassidy is a fall 17 from Glendora, California. She is a third year studying forensic accounting. In her free time, Cassidy loves spending time with her friends and family in Lake Havasu or at the beach. As a Delta Gamma legacy, Cassidy wanted to find those tight-knit friendships like she's experienced before college. As vp: Social Standards, Cassidy wants to remind herself why she loves this chapter through her relationships with others. She believes young woman learn a lot about themselves and those around them during their four years of college and still need some guidance and support. Cassidy aims to be a leader who is an honest yet compassionate friend for a sister in need. She wants to educate this chapter on social responsibility, awareness and help the women of Delta Gamma thrive.

Arianna Tarazi

vice president of Finance

Arianna is a fall 17 originally from Woodland Hills, California. She is a junior studying finance and enjoys reading, going to museums, watching movies with sisters and going to the beach in her free time. Arianna fell in love with Delta Gamma quickly. She felt at home in the chapter house and she was instantly inspired to explore the opportunities that DG would soon bring her. As vp: Finance, Arianna wants women to be informed about their personal finances in Delta Gamma as well as the finances of the chapter. She also wants to promote financial transparency and assure that everyone in the chapter is well informed.

Grace Singh

vice president of Communications

Grace is a fall ‘17 originally from San Carlos, California. She is a third year studying communication with a journalism and media studies minor. Both of her older sisters and mom were in DG and it has always been something that she wanted to be apart of. Being in Delta Gamma has helped her grow into a more confident, strong young woman. She says that DG also helps make a big school feel so much smaller when there are sisters near. As the new vp: Communications, she strives to do her best to keep the chapter well-informed and up to date on all chapter activities. She wants to use her communication skills to better the chapter and help keep things running smoothly.

Ashley Patrick

vice president of Programming

Ashley is a third year studying hospitality and tourism management with an emphasis in meetings and events. She is from Dana Point, California and joined Delta Gamma Epsilon Sigma in the fall of 2017. Ashley loves exploring San Diego with her friends, everything Disney, and all things pink! She joined DG because of the love and support she felt from all the women in the chapter. Ashley knows that no matter what goes on in life, her Delta Gamma sisters will always be there. As vp: Programming, her goal is to plan fresh and new events for the chapter to enjoy. Ashley wants to make sure there is always an opportunity for the women to have fun and bond with each other.

Lily Wash

vice president of Member Education

Lily is a third year from Santa Barbara, California. She joined Delta Gamma in the fall of 2017 because she saw a genuine sisterhood full of driven and accomplished women in DG. She was happy to find a group of women who support each other through the good and the bad. Lily is studying psychology and is on the pre-med education track. She enjoys going to concerts, music festivals, the beach, and volunteering for the visually impaired communities. As vp: Member Education, Lily wants to create an effective and fun new member period. Overall, she wants to give back to the chapter that has already given her so much.

Elaine Peralta

vice president of Membership

Elaine is from San Francisco, CA and is a third year, Fall ’16. She is studying speech language and hearing science with a minor in child and family development. Elaine is enthusiastic about all things Delta Gamma! Whether it be dedicating time at philanthropy events, or just hanging out with sisters at the beach, Elaine is always willing to lend a helping hand, or be your pull up sis! Elaine says she loves Delta Gamma for the indescribable bond she has created with all her sisters and the opportunities DG has presented her with. This is Elaines second term serving as vp: Membership and is so excited to put on another fun, values-based recruitment. The best is yet to come!

Caitlin Gilbert

vice president of Panhellenic

Caitlin is a third year studying kinesiology, pre-physical therapy. She is originally from San Carlos, California and joined Delta Gamma in the fall of 2017. Caitlin loves to hike, go to the beach and try the wonderful variety of food in San Diego. During her time going through recruitment she always felt at home when she came to Delta Gamma. She loved that she could be her full and honest self in DG. That’s why she joined and that’s why she stays to help lead the chapter today. As vp: Panhellenic, Caitlin hopes to continue to promote overall Panhellenic pride in the Epsilon Sigma chapter and to encourage Delta Gamma’s support in greek communities by going to events held by all of the councils at San Diego State.

Mary McCurdy

vice president of Foundation

Mary is a third year from Broomfield, Colorado. She joined Delta Gamma in the fall of 2017 and studies geology at San Diego State. Mary loves the outdoors, the ocean and art. She loves that the chapter has the ability to work hands on at all of the facilities for the visually impaired located in San Diego. As vp: Foundation, Mary has an everlasting passion for helping the visually impaired community. Her goal in the position is to connect with more communities around San Diego and continue to motivate sisters to “Do Good.”